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MEVAGISSEY 10L Dehumidifier | Air Purifier | Laundry | Silver Ion | Anion | Catechin Filtration | Low Energy

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LEXENT MEVAGISSEY 10L Smart Dehumidifier with Humidistat, Air Purifier, Quiet, Laundry Drying, 4-Stage Silver Ion-Anion-Catechin-Pre Dust Filtration, Prevents Damp & Condensation, Reduces Allergens. Effectively covers rooms up to 20m²

Maintain the ideal environment around your home throughout the year. 

A dehumidifier removes the excess moisture that we create on a daily basis through activities such as running baths, showers, breathing, chatting, cooking and drying laundry. All of which could lead to condensation, damp and mould that can damage your home and health. A dehumidifier can help maintain a more constant level of humidity and alleviate these conditions.


    • QUIET DEHUMIDIFICATION Mevagissey 10L Is designed and built specifically for the UK climate. Removes the optimal amount of moisture to stop and prevent damp and condensation problems.
    • 4 STAGE PURIFICATION SYSTEM Changeable Silver ION / Anion / Catechin / Pre Dust filters help clean the air as we reduce moisture.
    • POWERFUL AIR FLOW Our powerful system, sucks in moist air and traps it, releasing warm dry air into your home.
    • LAUNDRY DRYING Dry laundry quickly and without damaging clothes.
    • SMART DEHUMIDIFICATION It automatically controls room humidity in a comfortable range (40%-60%). Less running cost!!
    • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION 2p per hour to run
    • PERMANENT DRAIN A hose can be connected that bypass the collection container and allows you to use an external drain.
    • 2 YEARS WARRANTY UK based customer service support.
    • REFRIGERANT R-290 has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and very low global warming potential (GWP)


    Filter Features

    SILVER ION is a new kind of high efficient sterilizing products. Silver ion is a colorless and tasteless ion that brings no side effect, irritation, pollution, drugtolerance or volatilization. Since the ion recycles itself after sterilizing, it is durable and can effectively stop bacteria from growing. Besides long time sterilizing, silver ion filter is environmental-friendly, safe, but contains strong activity (able to kill more than 99% bacteria). Silver ion strongly attracts bacterias and microorganisms, goes through its cell membrane and makes the proteinase of bacteria loss activity. It can also disturb the composing of DNA of bacteria and microorganism, so that they would die for losing the capacity of division and breed.

    ANION One of the wonderful things about hiking through the forest or lounging at the beach is breathing in the clean, fresh air of nature. The air in these places not only smells great, but breathing it can make us feel energized and excited. What gives the air in natural places such good mojo? Negative ions! Also called Anion, these are molecules that have become negatively charged due to strong natural forces such as sunlight, wind, or churning water. There is evidence that breathing air abundant with negative ions has a positive effect on our mood and our health.

    CATECHIN The Catechin contained in the filter, that is extracted from green tea, deactivates captured bacteria & unpleasant Odours.  The filter catches dust mites, cigarette smoke & other common pollutants.  The virus uses its surrounding spikes to attach itself to normal cells & infect them.  Catechin filter apparently disrupts the contagious ability of the virus by covering  these spikes. 

    *Recommended filter change -  Every 6 – 12 months depending on your environment. 

    ** Non-washable  


    • Dehumidification Capacity 10 litres/24hr
    • Ozone Friendly Refrigerant R290
    • Automatic Operation
    • Continuous Drainage
    • 39 dB ultra-low noise
    • Set Humidity Range between 40%, 50% and 60 %
    • Auto-Restart after power failure
    • 0.5W Standby
    • Automatic Defrost
    • Easy to remove filter & grille for cleaning
    • Ergonomic handle design
    • Power Supply: 220~240V/50Hz (3 pin UK plug)
    • Power Input: 180W
    • Rated Current: 1.5A
    • Air Flow Volume: 95 m3/h
    • Water Tank Volume (litres) 1.8 
    • Sound Pressure Level dB(A) 39
    • Dimension: 352x490x240mm
    • Weight: 11.5 kg



    • Compressor with built-in overload protector
    • Water full protection with liquid level magnetic switch
    • Corrosion resistant internal pipework
    • Fire-resistant cover for the compressor
    • Dust-proof and damp-proof protective box for display panel

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