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LEXENT POLPERRO 30L Plasmacluster Ion Dehumidifier | Air Purifier | UVC Sterilisation | HEPA / Activated Carbon Filtration | PM 2.5 | Laundry Deodorizing | Low Energy 390W

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LEXENT Introduces POLPERRO 30L The Ultimate Plasmacluster Ion Dehumidifier / Air Purifier In-One

One of the Most Advanced Dehumidifying / Air Purification System with Plasmacluster Ion Technology designed by British company



We have little control over the air outside, thanks to Lexent, the air inside our own homes and places of work can be improved and the risks reduced.

As well as effective air quality control, Lexent air purifiers incorporate a highly efficient dehumidifier to reduce airborne moisture, helping to control dampness, steaming windows and mould growth.

Our air purifiers employ UVC ultraviolet light and HEPA filter technology to draw in, trap and neutralise viruses and other airborne threats and irritants.
Beautifully styled, easy to use and manufactured to strict quality controls, Lexent products offer years of trouble free operation and are backed up by outstanding support from Lexent in the UK

Polperro is a Low Energy designed product, great energy efficiency less than 13 pence* per hour to run the dehumidification/air purification, 11 pence* per hour to run the air purification. Dry laundry quickly at a low cost. (*Electricity rate of 34 pence per kWh)

The bottom of Polperro is equipped with castors that allow forward/backward movement to every corner of the home.

Quickly and easily choose between air purifier, dehumidifier or both at the touch of a button.  Designed for year round purposes.



User Manual Download Here

Wi-Fi Set-up Guide Download Here


Main Features

Powerful 30L Dehumidifier: Humidity level controllable from 30% to 80%.

Quiet Design: At only 33~41 dB, Polperro is whisper quiet, providing dry and serene comfort.

Advanced Air Purification with High Sterilisation Rate: In room tests, the Polperro achieved a sterilisation rate greater than 92% after 1 hour.

PM2.5 Monitoring: (With Real-time air quality indication) The internal PM 2.5 monitor automatically adjusts for optimum air quality.

Two Stage True HEPA / Activated Carbon Filter In-One: The HEPA filter will remove 99.9% of particles larger than 3 microns (which includes spores), whilst the Activated Carbon filter captures odours and harmful toxins like paint fumes, cooking smells and other volatile organic compounds. Activated carbon filters can particularly benefit people who suffer from allergies or irritation from impure air, including second hand smoke.
*Recommended filter change -  Every 6 – 12 months depending on your environment


UVC Sterilisation: (A feature usually only found on commercial medical grade air purifiers) has been proven to destroy 99.97% of airborne viruses, germs, microbes, fungi and bacteria, effectively sterilising your air. The UVC source used in the Polperro is a powerful high-quality semiconductor device that works in conjunction with filtering to offer ideal air quality.

Plasmacluster Ion: Makes the air healthier to breathe, particularly for those suffering from allergies, asthma and other respiratory related ailments.

Timer: 24-hr ON and OFF timers for hassle-free dehumidification and air purification.

Smart home integration (Via App): Wi-Fi connectivity means that the Polperro can be easily & fully integrated into your “SmartHome” or controlled remotely with your smartphone.

Android Users Download Here 

Apple iOS Download Here

Laundry Mode: Dry clothes freshly and more efficiently indoors – up to ten times cheaper to run than a tumble dryer. 

Laundry Deodorising:  By emitting a concertrated stream of high density Plasmacluster Ions, the dehumidifier can intensively remove odor on clothing.  It is also effective to deodorise the unpleasant smell impregnated in curtains and sofas when turning on the swing louvers.

Refrigerant R-290: has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and very low global warming potential (GWP)

AUTO Climate Control: measures & monitors your home to detect when moisture levels change. Large capacity 6.2 L water collection tank with audible/visual warning when the tank requires emptying and automatic shut down to prevent overflow. (The Polperro can also be set up to drain continuously).

Automatic Defrost: Technology ensures the machine works perfectly in low temperature.

Safety Compliance: UKCA & CE.  Compressor with built-in overload protector.  Water full protection with liquid level magnetic switch corrosion resistant internal pipework.  Fire resistant cover for the compressor.  Dust-proof and Damp-proof protective box for display panel.

Designed, Engineered and Supported in the UK.


Technical Specifications

Colour: Gloss White & Metallic Silver Grey

Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm): 350x615x277

Weight (Kg): 16.5

Moisture removal in normal mode 30°C/80% (L/24h): 30


Air flow (m3/h): 330

Noise level (min-max) dB(A): 33~41

Water tank capacity (Litre): 6.2

Refrigerant: R290

Variable hygrostat: 30% - 80%

For rooms up to (m³): 330

Ventilation speeds: High, Mid, Low, Auto

Input power (W): 390W for the dehumidification/air purification

                              350W for the air purification

Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz): 220-240V~ 50Hz

Filter Composition: Pre-filter + Two stage (HEPA & Activated Charcoal) filter

Sensor: PM 2.5

Purification Functions (in addition to filter):

-Plasmacluster Ions Generator

-UV sterilisation (UVC lamp 270-280nm band)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Our first dehumidifier

We looked at and compared about half a dozen different brands and models before opting for the polperro and we've been really impressed with our purchase. It has several functions which chosen by the tap of a button, it's very quiet and has huge water tank. We've only had it a fortnight and obviously it's early days but it definitely gets a huge thumbs up from me.

Andie Pandie
Fantastic price or a brilliant dehumidifier

Great price for a fantastic dehumidifier, runs like a dream, sits on our landing, we have a 3 bed semi-detached house and in 24 hours the water tank was over half full so does exactly what it says on the tin, my hubby looked into all the dehumidifiers available on the market and we would recommend this product and have awarded it 5⭐

Melvin Nightingale
Would recommend but not sure it's better than competitors

Very quiet, nicely made. We bought it to replace a 20L dehumidifier and this 30L extracts less moisture.


Brilliant for helping to dry clothes.

Yuliia Samoilenko
Great the item))

I searched normal dehumidifier with the good balance quality and working characters a long time. It's one of the best proposal in the market now. Thanks)

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