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Window Sealing Kit

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Window Sealing for Mobile Air Conditioners, Waterproof White Air Conditioner Window Seal Used for Hot Air Stop, Works with Portable Air Conditioner


* This item is designed specifically to enhance your Lexent air conditioner unit, making your already fantastic machine perform even better and cheaper.

Here are the following reasons as to why this is a very handy piece of kit to go with your Lexent air conditioner.

1. Keeps the air which has already been cooled inside your home. When it comes to air conditioners the whole point is to cool the air in and around your home or work place. This window sealing kit helps by efficiently diffusing the hot air out of the window. Due to the kit doing this it actually will make your room cool quicker and cheaper. This window sealing kit also prevents bugs from entering your home which is always handy especially in hot weather.

 2. This window sealing kit is really convenient due to the benefits it gives you, such as easy installation, forget about doing laborious work like drilling holes, simply follow the instructions and you'll be done in seconds. Another useful thing about this window kit is you can close your window just like you could before the installation of it.

3. SAVING MONEY: This Lexent window kit helps save you energy by lowering carbon dioxide emissions, which is evidentally higher in the summer due to the enormous use of air conditioners. Due to this it makes it a fantastic item to go with your Lexent air conditioner as its a great money saver and also helps with the environment.


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